Effective July 1, 2018


Per Reg CC changes, Mobile Deposits will now require a restrictive endorsement in order for the members check images to be accepted for mobile deposit processing.


All mobile deposited checks will require a printed endorsement with these four words “For Mobile Deposit Only” and the members Capitol Credit Union account number or printed endorsement with the words “For Mobile Deposit Only” at Capitol Credit Union . If a members handwriting is not clear, and the system is unable to read the “For Mobile Deposit Only” endorsement on the back of the check then their check image will not be accepted for processing. Once a check image is accepted by the system, If the credit union is not able to read the CCU account number or verbiage “at Capitol Credit Union”, then it  will reject the mobile deposit for processing.


July 1st required Mobile deposit Endorsements that CCU will accept are: 

Members signature matching payee name on front of the check on all official checks, insurance checks, state or government checks 

And the exact endorsement of: 

Option 1 ---- For Mobile Deposit Only at Capitol Credit Union 

Option 2 ---- For Mobile Deposit Only #123456 (CCU acct#)