You’re Invited!

64th Annual Meeting

Every year, Capitol Credit Union hosts the Annual Meeting of the Membership. It is an evening of good food, family fun, credit union updates and door prizes!

The Annual Meeting has always been a place where the credit union leadership, Board of Directors and employees connect with our members and their families. 

 April 19th, 2018 


Capitol Grill (Inside the Texas State Capitol)

1400 Congress Avenue: E1.002

Austin, TX 78701


*Limited Parking Meters Reserved on Colorado Street. (between 13TH and 12TH street)

For a copy of the parking map, please email 




Message from the Board Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors appointed us to the Nominating Committee and tasked us with reviewing candidates who wish to fill vacant and expired positions on the Board. This said, the Nominating Committee unanimously recommends the following candidates to serve on the 2017 Capitol Credit Union Board of Directors:

POSITION 9 – Bekki Lammert

POSITION 11- Patrick (Wayne) Hamilton

POSITION 7 – Maria Lozano Sanchez

POSITION 8 – K. (Kelly) Randolph Evans



Please be aware that 2016 Credit Union By-Law changes no longer permit nominations from the floor for vacant board positions. However, nominations for vacancies may also be made by petition signed by one (1%) percent of members with a minimum of twenty (20) and a maximum of five hundred (500). The date for receiving nominations by petition is March 9, 2018. A Director Application requesting a brief statement of qualifications and biographical data can be requested online or from any Capitol Credit Union branch. (it is important to note that elections will not be conducted by ballot when there is only one nominee for each position to be filled).