Message from the Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors appointed us to the Nominating Committee and tasked us with reviewing candidates who wish to fill vacant and expired positions on the Board. This said, the Nominating Committee unanimously recommends the following candidates to serve on the 2021 Capitol Credit Union Board of Directors:

POSITION 6 – Gregory White

POSITION 7 - Maria Lozano

POSITION 8 - Kelly Evans

POSITION 9 - Bekki Lammert 

POSITION 11- Wayne Hamilton 



According to our Credit Union By-Laws, nominations for vacancies may also be made by petition signed by one (1%) percent of members with a minimum of twenty (20) and a maximum of five hundred (500). The date for receiving nominations by petition is March 13, 2021. A Director Application requesting a brief statement of qualifications and biographical data can be requested online or from any Capitol Credit Union branch. (it is important to note that elections will not be conducted by ballot when there is only one nominee for each position to be filled).


Aaron Demerson, Chair

Stefanie Medack

David Davis

Darrell Ketchum

Capitol Credit Union Directors serve the Credit Union in a volunteer capacity.

Elected positions are generally for a three-year term. The Board is responsible for setting policies, overseeing the maintenance of the financial viability, setting dividend and loan rates and charting the future direction of Capitol Credit Union. They meet on a monthly basis to review the prior month’s activities, vote on proposals presented by management, and are apprised of any issues needing their attention. In addition to regular monthly meetings, Board members attend planning sessions and regulatory review meetings.

The Board that you have selected works hard to maintain Capitol Credit Union as a financial institution that can not only meet your financial needs but can exceed them through the products, services and staff that make up your Credit Union.

Read a letter from the Chair that details the future focuses for Capitol Credit Union.

2020 Board of Directors 

Michael A. J. Chair
Jaime L. Vice Chair
Karim H. Treasurer
Joel B. Secretary
Wayne H. Director
Nancy H. Director
Bekki L. Director
Colin P. Director
Maria L. S. Director
K. Randolph E. Director


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