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Why are you changing to a new online banking system?
CCU is working with a new mobile banking vendor partner to provide an improved mobile banking system with enhanced features to improve your digital banking experience.

Will I need to download a new app?
Yes. The app will be available to download the morning of the online banking launch from the Apple and Google stores.

Will my username and password transfer over from the other online banking system?
No, You will need to enroll/register for the new system. You may be able to reuse your username and password from the old system if the username is not taken, and the password meets the strength requirements of the new system.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the conversion?
On your initial login to the new system, the information you enter (SSN, Account Number, Email and Phone) must match our system records. If you suspect that the information in our system may be stale dated, please complete this form so we have the most up to date information.

I have bill pay set up with the current system, will all my bill payments transfer?
Yes, your bill payments will seamlessly transfer from the old system to the new system.

I have external transfers set up from my other financial institution, will they be moved over?
Yes, all external transfers set up in the old system will transfer to our new system. There will be no need to validate micro deposit transactions again.

Will we still be able to use the old experience after the new experience goes live?
The old application will be available for a period of time after the new experience is launched. However, you will not be able to set up any new transfers, bill pay, or external accounts. The old app will not be available to download from Apple or Google store after the new app launches. For an enhanced user experience, we recommend that you move to the new experience as soon as possible.

When will the change happen?
The new experience will be made available on and within the Apple and Google stores at 10am when we go live in November 2021.

How do I register for the new online banking experience?
The step-by-step instructions will be available as we get closer to launch.

Will my account alerts that I had on the old system still be available?
Any account alerts that you had on the old system will not transfer. You will need to set up new alerts for any transactions that you want to monitor.

Will the new system have notifications?
Yes, notifications can be sent through the app if you have the “push notifications” (recommended) enabled in your phone settings.

Will there be a chat feature available?
Yes, we will have a dedicated chat feature in our new system. Chat requests will be sent to our dedicated online banking team and will be answered withing a 2-hour period during business hours. Any after hour chat requests will be answered on the next business day.

How long will the conversion to the new system take? Will there be any interruption to service?
Our goal is to have a seamless transition to the new system. There may be intermittent service issues between 9am and 10am as we prepare to go live. We will update our social media accounts and the website throughout the conversion.  Transfers will cease a few days prior to the transition to allow for all your transfer information to be transferred over.

What if I have problems logging in to the new system?
If you experience problems logging in, please contact us at 512-477-9465. Please keep in mind that we may experience higher than normal call volumes. We greatly appreciate your patience.

Will I be able to view my statements from before the conversion?
Yes, statements and transaction history will transfer to the new system and be available to view and download.

What resources will be available to help me transition
Tutorials will be available that will walk you thru the process. Our branches & contact center will be available to assist you in maximizing all the new features and capabilities the new system will offer making it easier to do banking with us.

Will have to change to the new system on the day it launches?
Everyone will be switched to the new system on the same date so preparing and planning for the switch will make for an easy transition. The old system will remain available for a short period of time but functionality will be reduced to avoid confusion.